Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need An Estimate Before Getting My Car Fixed?

You don’t have visit multiple body shops to collect quotes for your insurance company. Plus, there’s no need to hassle with providing insurance photos or driving to their “preferred” shops just to get an estimate. We understand that insurance companies aim to close claims quickly, sometimes without giving you an accurate estimate. If you’ve decided to get your vehicle repaired with us, simply give us a call or book an appointment online. We’ll take care of coordinating with your insurance to ensure they have all the information they need to process your claim correctly. Ease your mind and let us handle the rest!

Do You Provide Rental Cars?

Although we do not provide rental vehicles, we work closely with Enterprise (that is located right around the corner) and we will assist you in arranging a rental vehicle. Enterprise will come to our facility to place you in a rental so the process is as convenient as possible.

How Long Will My Repairs Take?

We understand that there are many factors that can affect how long your collision repair might take, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Once we’ve done our diagnosis and sorted things out with your insurance (which might take around 4-6 business days or a bit longer in some cases), we’ll find out where the parts are coming from and when they’ll arrive. Then, we’ll give you an “estimated” completion date. Most importantly, we’ll keep you in the loop throughout the repair process so you know exactly when your vehicle will be ready.

How Does the Insurance Claim Process Work?

1. We start with the original estimate from your insurance (if available) and adjust it during our damage diagnosis phase. If your insurance hasn’t provided an estimate, we create our own repair plan.

2. After completing the damage diagnosis, we inform your insurance about the changes and provide them with the updated repair order, along with photos and supporting documents.

3. Your insurance may review this information either remotely or in person, and they are legally required to complete their approval within 3-6 business days.

4. Once approval is granted, you’ll receive a detailed breakdown of all the work to be done, which you’ll need to authorize.

5. After receiving your authorization, we proceed to order the necessary parts and start the actual repair work.

Will My Car be the Same After Collision Repairs?

Rest assured, Premier Coach Auto Collision Group and your manufacturer prioritizes proper vehicle repair after a collision, investing millions in tooling, parts, and training for certified shops like ours to ensure your vehicle is restored to its best. For your peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty on both our labor and paintwork, guaranteeing that your car is repaired correctly. We use brand-new factory OEM parts, which come with a 2-year warranty without any mileage restrictions. Please take a moment to review the warranty documentation included with your final paperwork for any exclusions. Your satisfaction and confidence in our work are our utmost priorities!

Are All Insurance Companies the Same?

We’ve noticed that several major insurance companies don’t always follow the manufacturer’s repair guidelines, including using genuine parts and providing fair labor rates and materials costs. We’re committed to not cutting corners on your safety just to please an insurer. While we aim to maintain positive relationships with all insurance providers, not every carrier puts their policyholders’ repair quality first. If you have any concerns about this, we’d love to chat with you in person to provide more information and address any questions you may have. Your safety is our top priority!

Will the Value of My Vehicle be Affected by the Auto Body Repairs?

Every accident is unique, and while we ensure top-notch, factory-like repair work, it’s possible that this incident could appear on a VIN report like Carfax. Please know that we never disclose your repair details without your permission. The appearance of this information on a vehicle report is often due to your insurance company sharing or selling this data. Regarding Diminished Value (DV), this is a reimbursement mandated by the California Department of Insurance, owed to you by a third-party insurance provider. It’s highly recommended to consult a DV appraiser for guidance, and our body shop manager is here to help you navigate this process smoothly. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities!



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Danny Heinz
Danny Heinz
August 2, 2023
I got more than I asked for. Amazing. Even a new windshield that I did not expect to get. Wonderful experience working with Premier Coach Auto Collision
john franchi
john franchi
July 27, 2023
Premier Coach Auto is the best place of business I’ve ever been associated with. They removed an emblem off of my Porsche and installed a new one. The job was perfect and the staff there was very polite and accommodating. Premier Coach Auto was recommended by my local Porsche dealer and I can see why. The quality of the work at Premier Coach Auto is second to none. If you want your vehicle done right and want to a professional experience, go to Premier Coach Auto for all your needs!
Joe Santoro
Joe Santoro
July 24, 2023
I was very impressed by the efficiency of Premier Coach quoting an estimate. The quality of the work was excellent and was completed in the time frame quoted.
Doug Holmes
Doug Holmes
July 19, 2023
Went to Premier Coach Auto Collision last year for body work on a Tesla model 3. Logan Podell was quick to respond to any and all inquiries I had. They provided realistic assessments of the work needed and accurate ETAs on communication with Tesla, the parts and shipping arrivals, and resolving all concerns with insurance. Service was quick to do the job, and I had my car back within a couple of days. Great work, and would return again.
Kelly Westfall
Kelly Westfall
July 12, 2023
They are amazing, quick, and honest
Kurt Bible
Kurt Bible
June 29, 2023
Excellent auto body repair...great front office staff and Shop Staff did excellent BMW looks great..I worked with Michael to coordinate the insurance settlement..Thank You
Allen Hansen
Allen Hansen
June 21, 2023
Excellent service. Quick and professional. Car looks perfect I highly recommend Premier
glennis malcolm
glennis malcolm
June 19, 2023
My car has had a few unfortunate encounters that made it necessary for a trip to the body shop. I had the good fortune to have the work done at Premier Coach. Not only was may car back to its gorgeous self, but the staff and service there was top notch - This soothed the length of time it took to do the job right. I will be a return customer...hoping I won't need to though.
Si Le
Si Le
June 16, 2023
did a nice job repairing the damage on my BMW
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