Got a dent on your BMW? The first thing you may think is, “How severe is the damage?” and then “Where do I get this fixed?” The answer to both your questions lies with Premier Coach, an auto body shop and collision repair facility that performs each repair with state-of-the-art technologies.

Whether you drive an Acura, Mercedes, or Porsche, we can help you. We go the extra mile and take the extra effort to restore the true beauty of your vehicle. Here’s a quick summary of our services.

Auto Body Shop And Collision Repair Services

At Premier Coach, we have two repair techniques that proficiently cater to your collision repair needs.

Paintless Dent Repair – A quick-fix method that easily takes care of minor dings and dents on your car’s body. It’s called paintless because a highly skilled technician removes dents from your car without using any artificial ink or covering that may wither with time. It’s intricate but doesn’t cost that much.

Conventional Repair – If the damage is beyond a certain point, the conventional repair method is employed. A team of technicians fixes the mechanized parts of the car, the body technicians restore the aesthetics, and quality inspectors pick on the finer details. In the end, your car leaves our facility in pre-accident condition (if not better)!

Our Repair Process

Assess – We check the vehicle for possible damages. Once the audit is complete, we present you with a detailed repair plan along with pricing.

Repair – Once the plan is approved by you, we move the car into the repair assembly. Each nook and cranny is carefully fixed with the latest equipment. A complete post-repair check and wash are then performed.

Finalize – Lastly, we get to deliver the vehicle back into your hands. Either way, we’ll not let the car go without your full satisfaction.

Why Premier Coach?

Premier Coach’s auto body shop and collision repair jobs are loved by its customers for the following reasons.

Technologically Well Equipped – We have certifications from over 18 of America’s leading car manufacturer’s as their collision repair partners. This has been possible due to our investment in the right technology, tooling, equipment and training in order to deliver state-of-the-art repairs.

Guided Process – You will receive assistance on each step of the repair process, right from the inquiry call to vehicle drop-off.

Customer Service – We take away the stress and frustration that vehicle damage can incur. We answer your questions, help you with insurance claims and keep you excited about the final result.


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