Exterior car damage is apparent, but what happens on the inside after a crash?

When analyzing the damage experienced after a collision, it’s natural to focus on the car’s visible damage on the exterior. While both necessary and beneficial, this intuitive thought process often results in the fallacy of “out of sight, out of mind”, hence it’s easy to forget to audit the car’s interior damage.

There are three main categories of interior damage that happens to a car after an accident. These are –

  • Superficial Damage: These are the damages you can see or they affect the car’s design and aesthetic. Ex: plastic damage, cracks, cracks in glass on windows or screens.
  • Mechanical Damage: This happens when the functional and safety features of the car are compromised in an accident. Ex: airbags, seat belt pull, seat belt lock. 
  • Technical Damage: Damages relating to technologies like automation and sensors on the insides of the car. Ex: GPS, radio damage, engine temperature regulation, throttle position sensor.

You should go for a professional opinion on the state of your car’s interior health after an accident as it is critical not only to maintaining your safety but also to your vehicle’s quality and long-term value.

Auto Collision Repair Covers Interior Damages – Yes or No?

No matter how experienced the driver, it’s impossible to predict the endless possibilities the road creates for danger. While most people have received countless pieces of advice on how to avoid a collision since the first time they stepped behind the wheel of a car, they rarely are adequately advised on what needs to be done to their vehicle after a crash is experienced. 

The first step is to get the damage assessed by a skilled estimator. All of the damage done externally and internally must be investigated thoroughly to avoid latent issues. If the damage is left unnoticed and therefore untreated, it can lead to severe consequences for the driver’s as well as the passenger’s on road safety.

If vulnerability resulting from COVID-19 is a concern, auto collision shops offer virtual analyses that can provide a preliminary estimate of the damage. However, it is crucial to arrange for an on-site damage inspection as soon as possible because the full extent of the damage, especially issues beyond the scope of what the eye can see, cannot be known until a professional takes a look at the vehicle. 

Once you know what is wrong, you can start discussing the repair processes with your auto shop. It is also essential to take a look at the coverage provided by your insurance at this point. Collision insurance should cover any repairs necessary to return the car to its pre-collision state.

Find the Right Body Repair Shop For Your Car

Your vehicle is a crucial part of your life, and it must be well taken care of for the safety and convenience of you and your loved ones. Not all auto shops will provide the same thoroughness level, so make sure to choose a shop you can trust to assess the damage present properly.

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